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    Is it acceptable that stopcodes (331B,331C,3323,3322,3324)getting an message of " Access was restricted to trusted users only" when observing the logs.






    Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:09 PM


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    Hope you are referring TC2.4.1 Does the application attempt to write to or replace files under Windows Resource Protection?


    Here the requirement is that the application installs and functions without attempting to replace files under Windows Resource Protection. So, you need to see that your app does not do so. So, when you filter the AppVerifier errors. For these error codes, you can see the concerned file or registry location and see if they are protected. You need to focus on those where you can see the file/registry locations are protected.


    You can confirm this from the file or registry location mentioned in the message in the AppVerifier log.

    You can check whether a file or registry key is under WRP in either of the ways as follows.

    1. Through code, use SfcIsKeyProtected or SfcIsFileProtected API. If a key is WRP, then the application installer should not install or modify the key.
    2. Use Regedit to check permissions on the key.
      • Keys that are WRP will show Trusted Installer with Full Control. SYSTEM, Administrators, and Users will have Read permissions only.

    Hope this helps.



    Friday, February 1, 2008 3:11 PM