Reading a TimesheetLine with no Time entered into it RRS feed

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  • Hey guys I am curious if this is a Project server issue rather than an actual programming issue. I am trying to read a Timesheetline that is added to the timesheet.  By default when a new task is added to the timesheet it has no work actuals, planned, or overtime billable hours entered into it, however, there is a new line created in the PS JSgrid.   

    When querying the reporting database for that same timesheetLine it does not show up in the timesheetLines table in the reporting database until I enter in some hours (These hours can be work actuals, planned, overtime... etc....) into the JS grid and save it.  

    So for example:


    Project Name | Task name|         |         |         |  //This Timesheet line does not appear in the reporting database since no time is entered into it. 


    Project Name | Task name| 0 hrs |          |        |  //This Timesheet line does appear in the reporting database because there is time entered into this line.  

    It just seems really weird to me considering the JSGrid will still remember if you added a task to your timesheet with no actuals, whereas the reporting database does not have this line entered into it.  

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