CreateProcessWithLogonW - software installs with a boot strapper RRS feed

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  • Hello and thanks for any help ahead of time.

    I built an application which installs software for licensed software owners over a local network from a file share.  In most instances, persons are logged into a desktop with a network domain and there are no issues with their installation process.  However for some persons who are not logged into a network domain, but are logged in locally, there are problems.

    When the app recognizes that a person is not logged into a domain (but is a local admin), it loads a panel in the initial splash screen asking them for their domain credentials (non-admin).  This information is used to access software on a share.  When the software loads to start installing on x32 Win7 machines, it prompts with UAC, and the software can then be loaded.  For x64 though, there is no prompt, and the process stalls.  When in this scenario, the app is using a boot strapper to load the software.  Any ideas what the issue is here?

    Monday, June 6, 2011 11:04 PM