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  • How can I switch focus between apps running side-by-side using the keyboard? For example, if I want to shift focus from the app in the large space to the app that's snapped as a strip on the side, the only way I can figure out how to do it is to use Win+Ctrl+Tab and cycle through all the apps until I get back to one I already had there. Then I have to use Win+Tab and cycle through to get back to the main app.

    For those interested, here is a list of the new shortcuts that I know of (except the accesibility ones):

    Charms/Side Panel
    Win + C charms menu (in bottom left)
    Win + Shift + C charms menu (on right)
    Win + I settings panel
    Win + Q search (context sensitive)
    Win + F search files
    Win + W search settings

    Task Switching
    Win + Tab next app (in primary app space)
    Win + Shift + Tab previous app (in primary app space)
    Win + Ctrl + Tab next app (in docked app space)
    Win + Ctrl + Shift + Tab next app (in docked app space)
    Win + . cycle forward through docked app positions
    Win + Shift + . cycle backward through docked app positions
    Win + Y glance at desktop (was Win + Space in Windows 7)

    Sunday, September 18, 2011 6:38 AM


  • There is not a keyboard shortcut to switch focus between the snapped application and the main application. It will be necessary to cycle through the task switching keyboard shortcuts.


    Microsoft is monitoring these forums for issues and concerns.  This will be reported up so that the right people are made aware of your concern.
    Monday, September 19, 2011 4:31 PM