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  • Are row-level or record-level maps possible in SSRS?  Say I'm doing a citywide report with detail on a hundred or so agencies.  Is it possible to include with the info on each agency a small city map highlighting, e.g., the zipcode area of the agency?

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  • Yep - just right click on any cell in the tablix and select "Insert Map" to display spatial data on a per-row basis alongside the detail of the table:

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    Wednesday, January 11, 2012 10:02 AM
  • Thanks very much Alastair.  This answers the question as I phrased it.   I don't think however that my question got to the bottom of what I'd like to know.

    I have considerable experience with ESRI ArcGIS, some with SSRS but am new to spatial data in SSRS.  Let's say I have geocoded 100 school locations in ArcMap.  They are all located in Manhattan in New York City.   I import the shape table into SSRS -- so for each school I have detail records and one geometry column with the Point location data for that school. What I would like to do is produce a report that is like the one you provided in the sense that it includes a small map with each record.  Let's say however I would like to show with each record a Manhattan school district map with a single location point for the school.

    Is it possible one would add one more spatial column to the table and copy into it the Manhattan school district map for each record?  Then SELECT both spatial columns with a UNION ALL with the idea of displaying a row-level map in final report combining a Manhattan school district layer and the Point layer for that one school?  Must it be done another way, or is there a better way?

    Thanks. (BTW, I like your blog).





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