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  • On the back end I am using XML files, xsd schemas a DataSet(dsThingPrograms) and DataTables. I have a parent ->child table relationship defined through the DataSet designer as such:


    things[RFID(pkey), name]
    programs[ID(pkey/autogen), name, path, thing_RFID(FK references things->RFID)]


    In my code I have:


    , "00ffe4"
    , System.Data.XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema);


    which works fine. However the problem comes when I try to add a row to the Programs table. When I do:


    , "some\path"
    , <???>);


    VS wants me to add a "dsThingPrograms.thingsRow parentthingsRowByFK_things_programs" where the <???> is. I've tried a bunch of things but I could not satisfy that requirement and can't even get the code to compile. What is supposed to go in there to satisfy the FK property?

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