[MFC] [DirectWrite] Properly using IDWriteTextLayout::HitTestPoint so the Caret can be positioned properly RRS feed

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  • I'm working with Direct Write (and 2D) in an MFC-based solution and I was wondering how to know where exactly to place the caret in a given piece of text produced in Direct Write using the IDWriteTextLayout interface. I read that there was a method called HitTestPoint, which is why I added the Layout interface as opposed to simply using the Format interface.

    So far, I can edit what the text says. The program properly responds to keyboard input (mostly as 'o' becomes '/' and there may be other similar anomalies) but I'm not sure how to ensure the Caret positions itself properly.

    afx_msg void TTextField::OnLButtonDown(UINT nFlags, CPoint point, messageOutput* mOut)
    	BOOL trailing = false, isInside = false;
            // text1 is an object that controls text and Direct Write related resources
            // text1->fontLayout is the IDWriteTextLayout 
    	text1->fontLayout->HitTestPoint(point.x, point.y, &trailing, &isInside, &metrics);
    	if (isInside)
    		if (trailing)
    			caretLoc = metrics.textPosition;
    			caretLoc = metrics.textPosition + 1;
    		CreateCaret(windowHandle, NULL, 1, 12); // windowHandle is a HWND presupplied by the application
    		SetCaretPos(metrics.left + caretLoc * metrics.width / metrics.length, metrics.top);
    		onFocus = true;
    		TTextField* feild;
                    // This loop is in case there are other TTextFeilds out there, TextList is a global CArray
    		for (int c = 0; c < TextList.GetCount(); c++)
    			feild = TextList.ElementAt(c);
    			if (feild)
    				feild->onFocus = false;
    		onFocus = false;

    The code above is actually in a DLL that the application has access to.

    Sometimes, the caret appears where I want it to, but often will appear off to the side (while still in the same box). How can I better use this method to get the caret where it needs to be (or is there a better technique entirely)?


    Disclaimer: This thread is the predecessor to the thread "[MFC] [DirectWrite] determining a character's width so the Caret can be moved properly when 'VK_LEFT' or 'VK_RIGHT' is pressed" at


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  • Hi Trec,

    >>"Sometimes, the caret appears where I want it to, but often will appear off to the side "

    text1->fontLayout->HitTestPoint(point.x, point.y, &trailing, &isInside, &metrics);

    When the specified pixel location is outside the text string, the function sets the output value *isInside to FALSE.  Please make sure the location which you provided is right.

    Best Regards,
    Li Wang

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