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  • Hi,

    A report is not displaying a tabular report correctly in the browser, but if you export the report to Excel it looks perfect.  This is a tabular report with about 20 columns, some are shaded different colors, and all have light gray cell borders.  Other than the column header, all cells contain a number.  The report is rendering with only some of the cell borders showing, and only one of the background colors - no text or numerical data is visible.

    The report & webpage have been in production for about a year, and is used by about 200 people.  Only two people are having this problem.  This webpage can be used to display 5 different reports in the same control (one at a time), and the 2 people having the problem only have it with 1 of the five reprots - the other reports are charts and they display fine.  Of the two people, one is a new user who experienced this problem immediately, the other has been using the report/webpage for a year and this just started a week ago.

    I've seen a similar post on this site from 2007, but it sounds like the problem was found in development.  I can't re-create the problem on my PCs.  Here is the environment:

    VS2008, asp.net 3.5 framework, SQL Server 2008, SSRS 2008, IE 6, IE 7

    If anyone has an idea of how to fix this, please help.

    Many thanks,

    Friday, September 11, 2009 3:13 PM