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  • For all developers that work with MVC, Agile, TDD, DDD, Unit Testing, and Mocking, DevMagicFake library published on CodePlex and NuGet.



    PM> Install-Package DevMagicFake

    This library will help developers to save and retrieve any object from the domain model without writing any code, it stores and retrieves objects using memory.

    DevMagicFake also will enable us to generate objects with data, so no need to create any faked or mock object to simulate our application anymore, by using DevMagicFake we can implement the concept of PI (Persistence Ignorance) of the DDD, by using DevMagicFake we don’t need to create DB or ORM to finish our application in the early stage

    DevMagicFake will help us to complete our application without writing the part of the persistence data, this will enable us to work toward verifying the business requirements and will give birth to real TDD, save our time and effort from writing faking and mocking code that we really don’t need it.

    You will find very details documentation and video on how to configure and start working with DevMagicFake, I hope to get feedback and suggestion for improvement and new features


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    Tuesday, October 25, 2011 6:42 PM