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  • Hi all,

    I used TableAdapter in ADO.NET database programming with VB 2005 Express before.  Now I have Visual Studio 2012 Express and SQL Server 2012 Express. I can connect the Windows Form application of my Visual Basic 2012 Express with a Database of the SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS 2012).  But I don't see "TableAdapter" in my Visual Basic 2012 Express.  Is any equivalent control in VS/VB 2012 Express for the "TableAdapter" used in VS 2005 Express?

    Please kindly help, advise and respond.

    Thanks in advance,

    Scott Chang 

    Friday, March 15, 2013 11:58 AM

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  • It is still the same, they have replaced the button. Data disappeared from the top menu, and add datasource is now in Project.


    Friday, March 15, 2013 1:00 PM
  • Hi Cor, Thanks for your valuable response.

    I am not an experienced user on SSMS (2005 or 2008 or 2012), VS 2005/2012 Express, & ADO.NET 4.5.  What you said in your response is quite above my head.  Could you please be more specific and detailed in your statement "they have replaced the button.  Data disappeared from the top menu, and add datasource is now in Project."?

    From the "HELP" of VS/VB 2012 Express, I just read the following Microsoft vstudio topics:

    1) What's New for Data Application Development in Visual Studio 2012

    2) What New in ADO.NET (.NET Framework 4.5)

    3) SQL Server and ADO.NET (.NET Framework 4.5)

    I also see the Part VI Data (Chapter 27: Visual Database Tools, Chapter 28: Dataset and DataBinding, Chapter 29: LINQ, Chapter 30: The ADO.NET Entity Framework) of the Book "Professional Visual Studio 2012" by Bruce Johnson. The Microsoft vstudio topics and the Part Vi Data of Bruce Johnson's book are too complicated for me to understand and to use in my simple project that has 2 dbo tables: Table_1_Books (BookID, BookTitle,PersonID), and Table_2_Persons (PersonID, FirstName, LastName, AddressFirstLine, AddressSecondLine, City, State,Phnoe) in the Database "BooksAuthosLibrary" in my SSMS 2012 and the Database Connection of Database Explorer of my VS/VB 2012 Express project.  I just want to extract/retrieve the "desired" information/data from these 2 tables based on the PersionID.

    Please kindly help, specify what you stated in your last response to get "TableAdapter" in VS 2012 Express , enlighten me how I can get all the necessary controls in Form1 set up, and respond again.

    Thanks again,

    Scott Chang   

    Friday, March 15, 2013 4:03 PM
  • Scott,

    I don't have an Express version installed, 

    But what you should do in the full versions is.

    Project -> Add new Data Source _> Add new DataBase, in the line of this forum DataSet -> Create or use a connectionstring, Select your tables and go on.

    The newer Adapter is called DataAdapterManager, it is just a higher level of the TableAdapter as it includes more Table Adapters to make parent child relations possbible what was always a pain in version 2005



    Friday, March 15, 2013 6:44 PM