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  • The new Lego robot EV4 is due to come out in October 2020.
    This is the possibility to get the expensive kit (31313) of the EV3 up to 20% cheaper.

    Learning text-based programming is more fun with motors and sensors. The EV4 will probably not work with Small Basic, as someone would have to be found to program the necessary extension.

    In order to bring the EV3 to life you need the extension EV3 Basic in addition to the Small Basic desktop version V1.2:

    EV3 Basic

    The "EV3 Basic" extension also includes the EV3 Explorer, with which the SmallBasic files can be transferred to the EV3-Brick via USB cable. The EV3 Explorer also translates the SmallBasic files into the EV3 Runtime Format. After saving the Small Basic program you get a quick response with "Compile and Run" of the EV3 Explorer. Small Basic and the EV3 Explorer can run simultaneously. However, the LEGO software must run separately, as it occupies the interface exclusively.
    There is also a direct mode (F5 in SmallBasic), which apparently is not completely free of errors or has more restrictions.

    The kit is quite expensive, but it is well thought out and the quality is also good.

    Saturday, September 12, 2020 9:46 PM