Webbrowser - Different Version Different Problem


  • Hello,

    I've got some problems with Webbrowser component. My project calls the internal sub domain addresss and users make some process by using it. In some computers sessions are going out. It is not general problem. If it was, sessions in all application would be gone but it wouldn't. As i say only in some computers. It started with IE11 upgrade. All process is properly working on IE9.

    The operation system is "Windows 7".

    On the other hand, again after upgrade we don't call everytime when i request some webpages in same domain, after second or third time i got dnserrordiagoff.htm error. I couldn't fix that. I couldn't found the reason of the problem. 

    The other problem is about double click. After Upgrade IE11, in the .Net Webbrowser double click is not working. I can't select any text by double clicking.

    What is the difference between IE9 and IE11 about sessions, cookies or dns caching. Could you help me about that?

    Note: I use all newWindow3 event, i use SHDocVw for some events. 

    Monday, March 20, 2017 9:18 AM

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