How to use trial features in windows store and phone app


  • Hi everyone i am currently in the process of creating an app i'm just doing some research i've been looking into some marketing that i should be doing and i have realised that allowing the user to use my app for a day for a trial and then offering them to make a purchase would be best for it. The only problem i have is there are no c# docs or examples that show how use a trial period in your app and link your user to the page when the trial is over. All i have seen is that you can offer a one day trial period when you are submitting an app into the store but i am not sure if when the 24 hours is over the app will automatically prompt the user they will have to buy the app to continue using it or if i have to write some code to check whether when the app is launch the trial expires can someone shed some light on this please; offering a solution on how to grant the user access to the whole app for one day and then when the trail is over the user is promoted to go to the store and download the full version.

    Thanks guys

    Friday, June 13, 2014 1:16 PM


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