Enterprise Sideloading on Tablets (Suface Pro, Etc.)


  • I'm trying to find out information about enterprise sideloading (it's not easy) and specifically on Surface Pro and other tablets running Windows 8 Professional.

    What is hanging me up are the references to enterprise sideloading keys only working with Windows licenses that are part of a volume licensing program of some kind.

    My question is, simply - if someone buys a Surface Pro, Dell, or other Windows 8 tablet in a retail store, is it possible to enable enterprise sideloading on that device using a purchased sideloading key ($3000 per 100)? Or, does that device have to be re-licensed with some additional corproate volume license key for the OS itself in order to accept the enterprise sideloading key?

    Thanks much.


    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:02 AM


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