PPM2010 Cannot Update Project Information from PWA RRS feed

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  • I have a workflow setup to capture project information, scheduling, and closure.  The project has around 800 tasks and many resources.  I am able to save, publish, and close from Project Pro.  However, it is in PWA where we move the project through the stages/phases of the lifecycle, not Pro. Whenever I tried to update information in any of these workflow steps, I received an error in the Project Update from PSI queue step and there was a "failed but not blocking correlation" message.  The content of this message stated the following:

    • ProjectSchedulingEngineException (9133). Details: id='9133' name='ProjectSchedulingEngineException' uid='27c78ec3-b06b-4dbb-a503-8243a713017c' exception='Microsoft.Office.Project.Scheduling.InvalidSchedulingDataException: The task has an invalid constraint date. at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.ProjectSchedule.Schedule() at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.ProjectMain.HandleProject(ProjectDataSet dataset, Guid projectUid, Boolean fSkipSchedulingCalc, Guid userUid, String userName, Boolean isNew, Boolean addColumns, ProjectLocks projectLock, Boolean fCheckReadOnly, Boolean fCheckProtectedActuals, Boolean fAllowAddEntRes, Boolean fOptIndexRecalced, Guid templateUid, Boolean fSkipCfFormulaCalc) Type = Task, Guid = 8c6d73e8-99d2-46e1-b936-f887bb3d0ace'.
  • Queue:
    • GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - ProjectUpdate.ProjectUpdateMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='25b152b0-ef61-4f8e-8eaf-bfa315f9f209' JobUID='c813ae01-0542-482b-9b5d-62becce56235' ComputerName='W0985EWEBS0351' GroupType='ProjectUpdate' MessageType='ProjectUpdateMessage' MessageId='2' Stage=''. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine W0985EWEBS0351 for entries with JobUID c813ae01-0542-482b-9b5d-62becce56235.

    I have examined the constraint dates and none of them are out of order from what I can tell.  I deleted the project and imported it back into the server to see if that would resolve any corruption.  It did not.  I now have a project that is stuck in an active stage without the ability to mark it closed.  Does anyone have a suggested course of action on this?



Thursday, December 15, 2011 8:46 PM

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  • Hi There,

    It seems that constraint date on task is not valid as per message. Please run the query in project server reporting database & find the task in project, If possible verify/delete the constraint date or task & try it again.

    FROM dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView
    INNER JOIN dbo.MSP_EpmProject_UserView
    ON dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView.ProjectUID = dbo.MSP_EpmProject_UserView.ProjectUID
    WHERE dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView.TaskUID = '8c6d73e8-99d2-46e1-b936-f887bb3d0ace'

    Please let us know the result, Will try to help.
    Thanks, Amit Khare |EPM Consultant| Blog:

    Friday, December 16, 2011 9:47 AM
  • Amit,

    We ran the query and found the task.  We removed the constraint and published the project.  However, it failed with the same error on the same task when we attempted to close the project from PWA.  Do you have any other suggestions?


    Thank you for the assistance,



    Monday, December 19, 2011 4:39 PM
  • Hi

    Just in case someone else might have this issue sometime:

    we had the same issue today with a plan. The faulting task had no name (I know that this is not a good idea) so we used the draft database to find the corresponding index value (corresponding with the "id" column in Project Professional).

    The task was showing "NA" for "constraint date" and the task was inactive. We set it to active. gave him a constraint date, changed back to "as soon as possible" and marked the task inactive again.

    We did this for two tasks and after that we could save  / publish from PWA again.



    Wednesday, January 9, 2013 3:31 PM