Windows Server 2003 Blue screen errors


  • I am receiving aBlue screen error -

    stop: c000021a (startup system error)

    Windows logon terminated unexpectedly with data path 0x6080. The system has been shutdown.


    The server is a HP PROLIANT 150 G2. As i tries to boot in safe mode the server just restarts. I tried using the OS disc to repair the OS but it says no hard disks present. the server has a raid system which i havnt configured.

    It hosts the domain of a small business and there are no backups. Just took over the administration. In a real bad situation now. All i have come to know is that some desktop admin has tried to upgrade the server to sp2. Also tried live os discs to view the data. No luck at it either.

    Need suggestions on how to atleast access the data on the discs and back it up.

    Sunday, October 31, 2010 7:53 AM