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  • Hi.

    So I am learning on writing debuggers and I have tried and it works when I set up a software BP injecting 0xCC in the code. I use DebugActiveProcess and the PID of the process and I have it controlled.

    The problem I am facing now is when I tried to setup a hardware breakpoint. I have some questions:

    1) I have read that you need to set up a breakpoint by thread. But in IDA or Olly you can set a BP in a specific address and each time that address is being executed it breaks and gives the controll to the debugger. Because the program I want to debug creates a thread for each new connection ¿how can I create a BP for the whole process when that address is being executed (just as IDA or Olly do)?

    2) I know that to set Hw BP I need to set the registers D0-D4 with the address where I want to set the BP and use D7 to set the kind of BP (REad, Write, Execute...) but what is the value for execute? 

    3) I have used: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/28071/Toggle-hardware-data-read-execute-breakpoints-prog code in my code applying it to a remote process but it does not work. Maybe it is because I am having the problem I said in the point 1). Here the relevant part of my code:

    ////Get process id
    	DWORD pid = FindProcessId(L"hello.exe");
    	DWORD thread_id = ListProcessThreads(pid); // Returns the last thread id of the process
    	int *breakpoint_address = (int*)0x0051653A;
    	HANDLE thread_handle = OpenThread(THREAD_GET_CONTEXT | THREAD_SET_CONTEXT, FALSE, thread_id);
    	HANDLE hX3 = SetHardwareBreakpoint(thread_handle, HWBRK_TYPE_CODE, HWBRK_SIZE_1, breakpoint_address);
    	int flag = 0;
    	int counter = 0;
    	while (flag == 0)
    		WaitForDebugEvent(&DBEvent, INFINITE);
    		switch (DBEvent.dwDebugEventCode)
    			MessageBoxA(0, "yesssssssss", "", 0);
    			switch (DBEvent.u.Exception.ExceptionRecord.ExceptionCode)
    				MessageBoxA(0, "yesssssssss", "", 0);
    				MessageBoxA(0, "3333", "", 0);
    		ContinueDebugEvent(DBEvent.dwProcessId, DBEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_CONTINUE);
    		if (flag != 0){
    			if (!DebugActiveProcessStop(pid)){
    				DWORD error_code = GetLastError();
    				printf("Error detaching the process %d\n", error_code);
    				return 0;
    			return 0;



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