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  • We are using the immunizations data type in our portal and we have run into issues with the data structure because it does not map well to a real clinical immunization. We are also missing some key fields.


    Need a change in structure: Immunizations are typically administered in multiple doses meaning each Immunization will have a list of doses. However the Health Vault Immunizations type has a structure of a single dose. We cannot map a whole immunization (containing a list of doses) to the immunization type.  We have to map each dose with Immunization type and when we pull the immunizations back from health vault, we have to group all the doses with the same vaccine name under one immunization. This could lead to errors.


    Need Additional Fields:
    1.Status – All/Complete/Incomplete
    2.TotalDoses (total number of doses a vaccine can have)
    3. A field to store comments/counter commments
    4. Dosage

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:50 PM


  • Nik,


    Sorry for the slow response - we wanted to talk about this a bit first. We are certainly open to revising the type to better meet your scenario, though we don't give out specific timelines because the priority of our data type work (and other work) and therefore the ordering and schedule of data types is complex. We're hoping to be more transparent on this in the future.


    For now, you can use the related items feature to relate the individual doses to each other, and you can use CommonData.Notes to store any comments. The best way to do total doses and dosage right now is either to put it in the notes or to code it into the name.


    To make a format request to modify the type, we need as much information as you can give us about what data will be stored in the type and the various scenarios around the type. There's supposed to be a page on our developer center that specifies how to do this, but either I can't find it on Friday afternoon or it got unlinked, but you can send the information to hvtype@microsoft.com. That will get the process started, and there is often a bit of iteration around partner-requested changes.


    You might also find the data model presentation from the solutions conference helpful.


    Friday, July 25, 2008 11:31 PM