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    I am porting imx53 bsp win compact 7 to compact 2013. Does anyone have any feedback regarding issues or found common problems with porting freescale SMD bsp to compact 2013. 

    As I understood the Compact 2013 requires Armv7 in THUMB-2 mode. I am working with the arm assembly code and my question is if the whole assembly code needs to be rewritten for THUMB-2 or if there is any easy porting macros. Following problems:



            ALIGN 16384 ; page tables must be start on a 16k boundary
    PTs     %       0x4000                  ; Space for first-level page table

    C:\wince800\platform\common\src\common\bldr\core\arm_with_mmu\start.s(274) : error A2070: improper alignment value 16384; expected: [1, 2, 4, 8,   ...  32768]



    ;Save registers

    stmfd   sp!, {r4}


    ; Restore registers
    ldmfd sp!, {r4}

    C:\wince800\platform\common\src\common\bldr\core\arm_with_mmu\start.s(168) : error A2193: this instruction generates unpredictable behavior

    Does anyone have any experiences or suggestions to share with me and other about porting bsp to compact 2013. Could be about other things than assembly code also.

    Tuesday, February 18, 2014 11:48 AM

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