CredSSP - Single Sign on with Microsoft XP SP3 Embedded and Terminalserver Farm 2008 ?


  • hi there,


    i am searching for a solution for using the single sign on with Microsoft XP SP3 (German) Embedded for a Terminalserver Farm on Server 2008.

    I already found that for the normal Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (German) which is elucidated here:


    So far the Microsoft Fix it 50588 can be executed on XPSP3 Embedded but with this the Single Sign On only works on Standalone Terminalserver not on the FARM!


    With these Hotfixes the SSO is on XPSP3 fully functional even on FARM!

    most valuable info ->

    most valuable info ->


    Iam now searching for a manual solution or greater the needed Hotfix for XPSP3 Embedded.

    Can anyone please help me ;-)


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    Friday, July 29, 2011 8:29 AM