Where to find Windows Embedded CE 7.0 updates


  • I'm having an issue with a bug in DirectShow and I was hoping that it was fixed in an update, but I can't figure out how to get/install updates.  The link I read said that I just need to install WEDU and it should all happen automatically, but when I run WEDU it says, "No supported product detected" it then says I need to install Windows Embedded Standard 7.  I'm confused because the link I read said this was the way to update the CE 7.0 also.  Can anyone tell me how to find/install any updates that may be available?

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    Friday, May 13, 2011 5:29 PM


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  • Hi Broofus

    The WEDU standalone client available for download (here) only supports Windows Embedded Standard 7.

    The correct version of WEDU supporting Windows Embedded Compact 7 must be installed as part of the Tools (Platform Builder) installation. See Question 7 of the above linke:

    You'll find the tool integrated in Visual Studi 2008 under Tools -> Windows Embedded Developer Update.

    All Updates for the previous versions where made avaliable in the Microsoft Download Center. So my expectation is to see Compact 7 Updates there as well.


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  • in your VS2008 Menu "tool" , if you do not found the Item "Windows Embedded Developer Update" 

    you need In Control Panel modify Compact 7 toolkit


    New Install WEDU 

    WEDU install File (part of the Retail Compact 7 toolkit)

    You can find Your Compact 7 Install Disc.

     WEDU install File (part of the Evaluation Compact 7 toolkit)

     You can find here :

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  • I finally found it.  After the post by Michael I looked at the install DVD.  I thought it would be part of the main installer, but it's not.  Then I tried looking at the Start menus items and couldn't find it there.  Popzone thanks for pointing me to ther Tools menu in VS2008. 

    I would like to say if anyone from MS is looking, that this is confusing.  The link I downloaded from (the one that Michael posted) says, "Windows Embedded Developer Update 1.1" and as Michael said this is apparently for Embedded Standard.  Then I go to install from the Compact 7 install disc and the name of the MSI is "WindowsEmbeddedDeveloperUpdate.msi"  If they are not one and the same why do they have they have the same names?  It would also be nice if the page that explained the WEDU for Compact 7 would tell where to find the correct MSI.  Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks to both Popzone and Michael for the quick response.


    Friday, May 13, 2011 8:21 PM
  • I have one more question.  I've tried to update through the menu item Tools->Window Embedded Developer Update->Check For Updates and I've tried to configured it through the configure options menu item, but either item says, "You are not registered for Windows Embedded Developer Updates".  I tried to register through the menu item Help->Register product and go through the process of registering.  At the end of the process it says, "Thank you for registering!", but I still can't get updates.   I searched the web and found nothing to help either.  How do I register to receive updates?



    Friday, May 13, 2011 8:49 PM
  • I found how to do it.  Not easy to find, but I finally found a link to some instructions.

    "Automatic update works by registering Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools through the registration process available in the installation application. You can also register at a later time and manually set WEDU to check for updates. To register at a later time, go to Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel, click Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools, and then click Change. After the installer starts, click Update and follow the instructions that appear."


    Thanks to both of you for the help.  Take care.


    Friday, May 13, 2011 9:34 PM
  • Broofus06, you do not need to have the WEDU (Windows Embedded Developer Update) plug-in installed to be able to update. When you go to the WindowsEmebeddedCompact7.exe in ARP, you can select Update. You need to register with WEDU to continue, but it is free. If there is an update, you will see the screen display what the update date is. The WEDU plug allows you to do the same check for an update from within Visual Studios. Or you can configure the WEDU to automatically check. I would recommend the configuring the plug-in to automatically check every 7 days.

    More in depth information on Updating Windows Embedded Compact 7 can be found here:



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