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    Hi, I am looking for the same thing.

    base on my search on the web most of them point to EasyQuery.Net. but I can't find anyone on this forum that used it and says that it works well.

    Friday, September 3, 2010 3:43 PM

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    I looked at Korzh and other products.  One other product looked like it might work well for developers but it appeared to me that it would drive your average end-user towards some degree of insanity.

    EasyQuery.NET is designed to be easy to use for the end user and is relatively easy to use for the developer once she/he understands the product.

    Note:  there is a free version that is good to practice an implementation.

    I would recommend that for a professional  web product it is best to purchase the site licence version.

    Even if you are only a single developer, you get the source code with the site licence version and it costs you only a few hundred dollars more.

    I have implemented a project in which I used the EasyQuery.NET Data Model editor that comes with the product to build models that are stored in a SQL database and then dynamically loaded (LoadFromString) to allow the end user to choose from a set of databases at run time.

    To be honest, I struggled with the documentation but the Korzh technical support was very helpful ironing out the difficulties that I had experienced.

    I've not used their Windows version but in the Korzh forums another member spoke highly about the quality of the Windows version.  AFAIK, the core of both the Windows Forms and WebForms versions is the same.

    Note:  I do not know when they will have a ASP.NET MVC version.  If they do not have it yet, I am hoping that it is in the works.

    You can go to the Korzh website and actually experiment with the WebForms version:



    Full disclosure:  the product still has imho some quirks but most, if not all, of the quirks can be circumvented by providing custom documentation to one's end users about what not to do.  Even though this may be a pain, I know of no other product more suitable to the needs of end users.

    Also, the latest version at this time is 2.7.  Korzh has simplified 2.7 for the developer and added additional, desirable features.  2.7 is a better, more robust product.

    Another benefit to the end user is that the developer can customize the presentation of field names for the end user; example, the database field name might be "Cust" but the end user can see "our customer" or whatever the developer chooses to present.  Among other things, this makes it easy for the developer to support her/his end users in languages other than English with vocabulary that is appropriate to the end users capabilities.

    I hope that helps.

    Gerry (Lowry)

    P.S.:  as a developer you get to see the SQL that is generated.  it's your choice as to whether you show it to your end users.  The advantage is that you can also use EasyQuery.NET to quickly generate complex joins for your own use.  Note:  EasyQuery.NET only generates SELECT queries which is all you want your end users to be able to use anyway.

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010 12:32 PM