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  • Env : Visual Studio 2010 / Report Viewer /Local Report in Web Form

    I have button on the web, if user clicks, then report is generated.

    I've seen tons of post trying to find a solution about this Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.AspNetSessionExpiredException exception...

    However, I haven't found any really useful solution/answer/workaround whatever....

    My reporting works fine, but sometimes, this exception is thrown...

    What is best way to handle this exception?

    Just catch and ignore this exception?..don't think this is good option.

    Once the exception is caught and ignored, then user just couldn't generate the report just by clicking the button without reloading the page.

    It looks like user always have to reload the page in order to generate the report correctly after this exception is thrown. (Maybe refresh session state?)

    Friday, April 6, 2012 10:10 PM

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