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  • I am using Entity Framework 4 and Visual Studio 10 - c#.

    Background on what the application is:

    I created an application strongly typed ObjectContext class and Self Tracking POCO Entities.

    I update the conceptual model from the database.

    Now I have a class called "Initiative" which has many relationships with other entity collections. Atleast 8 relationships with 8 tables.

    Primary key of the Initiative is InitI.

    Now I load a saved Initative in the application, and click on 'copy' when a dialog box opens and I specify a new Intiative Title, rest all data is to be copied then I click save.

    Here are the different ways A. B. C. below I was trying to do the copy, and the errors that I get:


      //I serialized the object and created a clone and assigned to another Intiative variable.

    cloneInit = _miModel.CloneProxy(oInit);

    //Tried to add the clonedInitiative to the database, hoping it will detect it as a new object and assign to it an InitI

    _miModel.PublicContext.AddObject("Initiatives", cloneInit);

    Error: The object could not be added or attached because its EntityReference has an EntityKey property value that does not match the EntityKey for this object.


    B .

    //I create a brand new initiative
    var brandNewInit = new Initiative()

    //And I save it, and I get an InitI
    int newId = _miModel.Add(brandNewInit);

    //Now I try to copy all fields of the source initiative to the target initiative
    brandNewInit = _toInit;

    //and Now I try to assign back the InitI (newId) that I received first when I added a blank brandNewInit, so that I can update the changes.
    brandNewInit.InitI = newId; //This is where I get the ERROR.

    //And then I try to save

    Error: //Exception Source: System.Data.Entity

    //Exception Type: System.InvalidOperationException

    //Exception Message: The property 'InitI' is part of the object's key information and cannot be modified.

    //Exception Target Site: VerifyEntityValueIsEditable


    C. This method I am trying as per the link


    In this link I see that they have theEntityKey property. I dont have that property in my entities. How can I get that property in my entities?

    new_n.EntityKey = null;


    Is there a way to clone my entities and save to database?

    Been trying for this for too long now. All gurus please help.







    Tuesday, November 16, 2010 1:35 PM


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  • Hello Jason,

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    "How can I get that property in my entities?"

    Please try to check the target framework of your project in property page and make sure you add reference to System.Data.dll.

    Is there a way to clone my entities and save to database?

    Yes. One way is to use a Serializer clone the entity as shown here:

    A much more deep cloner (include cloning the whole entity graph) is to use ILGenerator.Emit and ExpressionTree in reflection but there is a little bit more code:

    Instead of cloning the entity, an alternative way is to create a new entity and assign each property manually.

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    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 7:29 AM
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