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    Hi, I have a few questions about understanding memory streams.

    when you create a memory stream you can add a file to it. Does the file have to be in byte form? If so you would have to create a new byte variable and add read the file into it?

    Once the file, or byte data is in the stream, how do you access it back out. If you converted it to a byte initially and want the original file back, say it was a PDF, how would you accomplish this?

    Can you add more than one file to a memorystream? When you want to access them how do you differentiate between them? If for example,both files have been converted to bytes then how would you know which is which. You wouldn't want to read the whole stream would you if you only want one of the original files?

    Thanks a lot!

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015 6:42 AM


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