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  • Dear all,

    in our first ASDK deployment following the ASDK documentation we were successful up to the point of registering Azure Stack:

    [...]                        "AzureKeyVaultServiceEndpointResourceId":  "https://vault.azure.net",
                            "VersionProfiles":  [
                            "ExtendedProperties":  {
        "Subscription":  {
                             "Id":  "78ea2570-446a-43d4-b708-ab98d8a60588",
                             "Name":  "Pay-As-You-Go",
                             "State":  "Enabled",
                             "SubscriptionId":  "78ea2570-446a-43d4-b708-ab98d8a60588",
                             "TenantId":  "35f8765e-cb47-4d80-afaf-42ff7060fddf",
                             "CurrentStorageAccountName":  null,
                             "ExtendedProperties":  {
                                                        "Environment":  "AzureCloud",
                                                        "Account":  "denis.jedig@th-koeln.de",
                                                        "Tenants": "35f8765e-cb47-4d80-afaf-42ff7060fddf"
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-51-27: Retrieving activation key.
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-51-27: Getting activation key from AzureStack-e6388e88-e27b-4b25-93d7-6dc083143971...
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-51-32: Activation key successfully retrieved.
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-51-32: Your activation key has been collected.
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-51-32: *********************** End log: Get-AzsActivationKey ***********************
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-51-32: Activating Azure Stack (this may take up to 10 minutes to complete).
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-57-48: Your environment is now registered and activated using the provided
    VERBOSE: 2018-06-25.10-57-48: *********************** End log: Set-AzsRegistration ***********************

    But contrary to what I would expect after reading the documentation, the adminportal does not list additional Marketplace items beyond what has been provided with the stock installation. I also am unable to create new subscriptions or plans as the corresponding actions are not showing up in the adminportal, so we suspect that something went wrong during installation or registration:

    Adminportal - New - Tenant Offers + Plans is missing

    Adminportal - subscriptions - Default subscription is missing, no way to add a new one

    Test-AzureStack returned with all passes shortly before registration:

    [AzS-ERCS01]: PS>Test-AzureStack
    06/22/2018 13:18:54 : Running AzsInfraPerformance
    06/22/2018 13:20:38 : Running AzsHostingInfraUtilization
    06/22/2018 13:20:40 : Running AzsHostingInfraSummary
    06/22/2018 13:20:47 : Running AzsPortalAPISummary
    06/22/2018 13:20:50 : Running AzsScaleUnitEvents
    06/22/2018 13:20:53 : Running AzsSFRoleSummary
    06/22/2018 13:21:00 : Running AzsStorageSvcsSummary
    06/22/2018 13:21:06 : Running AzsInfraCapacity
    06/22/2018 13:21:18 : Running AzsStoreSummary
    06/22/2018 13:21:18 : Running AzsInfraRoleSummary
                           Azure Stack Validation Summary
    PASS Azure Stack Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Summary
    PASS Azure Stack Storage Services Summary
    PASS Azure Stack Infrastructure Role Instance Summary
    PASS Azure Stack Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Utilization
    PASS Azure Stack Infrastructure Capacity
    PASS Azure Stack Data Store Cluster
    PASS Azure Stack Data Store Servers
    PASS Azure Stack Portal and API Summary
    PASS Azure Stack ARM Certificate Summary
    PASS Infrastructure management controller, Network controller, Storage services, and Privileged end point Infrastructure Roles
    PASS Infrastructure management controller, Network controller, Storage services, and Privileged end point Infrastructure Role Instances
    PASS Azure Stack Infrastructure Role summary
    PASS Azure Stack Cloud Service Fabric Services
    PASS Azure Stack Infrastructure Role Instance Performance
    PASS Azure Stack Cloud Host Performance Summary
    PASS Azure Stack Service Resource Consumption Summary
    PASS Azure Stack Scale Unit Critical Events (Last 8 hours)
    PASS Azure Stack Storage Services Physical Disks Summary
    I already tried unregistering and re-registering using Remove-AzsRegistration / Set-AzsRegistration. The AzureStack-<GUID> Registration object is appearing in my MS Azure Portal (pay-as-you-go subscription) alongside the azurestack Resource Group. I really cannot see what might have gone wrong here.

    As a side note, we were experiencing some initial configuration troubles as AzS-BGPNAT01 was unable to retreive an IP address from the external network via DHCP. We are using a (non-Microsoft) IPAM solution and our DHCP servers are configured to hand out addresses to registered devices only. We resolved this by registering the BGPNAT01's MAC address with our IPAM. The original NAT configuration made during the installation process has been using the APIPA address space for ExternalIPInterfaceAddressPrefix, so we also had to reconfigure NAT on BGPNAT01 using the New-NetNat Powershell Cmdlet.

    Kind regards,


    Monday, June 25, 2018 9:52 AM


  • Oh, I might have done a better effort on searching this forum:

    According to this post I should be using CloudAdmin for logging into the adminportal:

    In Azure Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) deployed environments running ASDK Build 20171122.1, the azurestack\azurestackadmin account is no longer the owner of the Default Provider Subscription. Instead of logging into the Admin portal / adminmanagement endpoint with the azurestack\azurestackadmin, you can use the azurestack\cloudadmin account, so that you can manage and use the Default Provider Subscription.

    After logging in using the CloudAdmin account, everything seems to work as documented.

    Monday, June 25, 2018 9:59 AM