unauthorized use of Developer IT GITHUB nertwork RRS feed

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  • I am not a developer. I am a person who desperately wants to use her computer and access the internet and her Microsoft account .without a remote computer managing my home network to include phones galaxy not and S series. I pay form a hughesnet internet connection but I'm am being confined and forced to use a local private network with no internet access . The only thing I am sure of I was told by Kentucky AT&T GLOBAL FRAUD that my computer is being used to access GITHUB project STINGRAY. I was also told that a STINGRAY service is in use  LATITUDE: 41.062       LONGITUDE: -115.275

    I have one neighbor within WIFI IR Bluetooth access that is aggressively using my resources does use Galaxy ISP permissions to access my devices and does use it for NONCONTIGENT PUNISHMENT, IS A PSYCHOLOGIST BERHAVIORAL MODIFICATION has a Marketing business TRACE 3. USES ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT 24x7 for 2yrs to force me to finance their families use of your network and resources to make virtual machines play games and access the home network of those that connect thru them. The user of the projects is subversive and being used for criminal use of information . ID THEFTY  is what I am experiencing and I am disappearing under the blanket of the local network. It is a big world and the internetn is dangerous but being madder a slave and kept in communiucation bondage is beneath ther moral standards that MICROSOFYTN is built upon. Please help  to free me from being abused by those using GITHUB resources

    Sincerely DEBRA ANN ELDER-LAMBETH dael1953@live.com

    Saturday, June 15, 2019 6:20 PM