Getting the general direction of the gaze and associating events RRS feed

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  • Dear SDK developers and other developers,

    I am a total beginner and newcomer to Kinect development. I am looking for start developing research applications for use in special education and specifically to assist children with cognitive disabilities.

    My first application will be "friendly face". It is a very simple application that interactively encourages children with social interaction

    difficulties to maintain the eye/face contact with another person (common in autism).

    At the the minimum I would like for my app to:

    - detect if the child is looking in the general direction of an avatar

    - have an avatar that can change facial expressions (smiles) when child is looking towards an avatar

    Would someone here be kind to help me with the implementation tips and tell me first if it is possible to detect position of the face and gaze (I know this is difficult).

    If it is possible, to point me out to some code samples on how to code this, and how could I associate events (e.g. avatars change of expression) if the face of the users is pointed towards avatar or not.

    Thank you in advance,


    Thursday, July 12, 2012 11:58 PM