Windows Store Device App getting access denied error on store bought OEM system RRS feed

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  • Hi,
        We are developing a Windows Store Device App (WSDA) for a custom internal device that we have successfully tested on our lab systems running Windows 8 build 9200. In our test systems we have driver signing disabled and test signing enabled. We have also deployed our own PC metadata created with the devicemetadata wizard that comes with WDK 8.0. Our app's package name and publisher name is listed in the PC metadata. The metadata gets installed properly and our WSDA can successfully communicate with the device driver.

       We wanted to extend our testing to store bought systems and bought an OEM system from BestBuy with Windows 8 Build 9200. The WSDA was side loaded from its appX package. We disabled driver signing and enabled test signing to load our driver. Could see 'Test Mode' listed above 'Windows 8 Build 9200' on the lower right hand corner of the desktop. The system did not come with a PC metadata so we created a new PC metadata package with information retrieved from the system with computerhardwareids.exe and listed our WSDA in the metadata under 'Privileged Application'. This was done exactly like we do it in our lab systems. I did check from the Devices and Printers GUI that the new PC metadata did get associated with the PC and also verified that it got unpacked in the DeviceMetadataCache folder.
        Even with all setup done exactly like it is done on our lab systems (same WSDA and driver, PC metadata installed) we are still getting the ACCESS_DENIED error when the WSDA's WinRT component is trying to access the driver. Is there anything different we need to do to test WSDA-s on store bought OEM systems? Any help will be very much appreciated. We need to ensure that the WSDA works on any OEM system before we can submit it for certification.


    Rahul Ghosh

    Friday, November 2, 2012 7:51 PM