slow rendering with reportviwer 2010 RRS feed

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    I have a report with a subreport for every row.  the report display no more a 100 rows, and each one has formating expressons for the color of the row, the report takes like a minute before I can see the "loading..." advise, I thought there was something wrong with the query, but no, it is really fast, less than 2 seconds. the problema is the display. This App was writen originaly on vs2008 and then migrated to vs2010, The time for see a result is too much so The use of the App is in question because this delays. The report use a local report, the data source is an object , a generics collection list(of ...)

    I've try without the subreport, and speed's ups. But I need the sub report, so I cant delete it, anyway without the subreport it takes like 20 secs to be displayed.  I guess something is missing on my web.config

    these is my web.config

    any Idea ??

    Salu2 Sergio T

    Monday, June 2, 2014 4:32 PM