How to implement dynamic domain attribute selections

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  • I need an entity with 2 domain attributes where one attribute defines the other one, i.e. attribute one defines the context and the second attribute has an element of the valueset that belongs to that context.

    a sample: 

    attribute one: context (e.g organization, transportmechanism, geography...), then attribute 2 has a list of all possible items for attribute 1. list of  organizations or list of transport mechanisms or.....

    As there is a kind of M:N relation between attribute one and two, creating a derived hierarchy is not possible. Also we are talking about more than 100K possible combinations.

    There are three approaches I can think of, but in each case I have no idea whether they can be implementsed in MDS.

    approach1: all possible choices for attribute 2 are combined in a single entity, But then the selection has to be prefiltered for the correct subset (e.g only organizations)

    approach 2: each contexttype (defined in attribute 1) has its own entity, but then attribute 2 has to dynamically point to the appropriate attribute set

    approach 3: instead of having one entity with the appropriate set for attribute 2, we create separate entities for all possible combination types of attribute 1 and attribute 2. This could lead to the creation of a few hundered different entities. I have no idea whether MDS is designed to cover such a big range of entities in a single model. Personally I don't like the idea of hard coding all possible combinations and recombining these entities in union views, but that is just a feeling and not experience based. 

    Doea anyone knows a way to implement such a construct in MDS?

    Thanks for your suggestions

    Peter Jonckheere

    Saturday, November 09, 2013 9:12 AM