Why does a ".NET framework internal error" occur occasionally within a specific application, and how do I avoid it? RRS feed

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  • I was running an automated script that was placed in the Task Scheduler to run at a certain time every day.  The first time I ran the script via the scheduler, the message ".NET framework internal error" displayed for a specific application that was to be run as part of the script.

    When I halted the script, cleared the hanging processes of all the relevant applications (including the automated testing application that drives the two applications being run), and reran the script via the Task Scheduler, the script successfully opened the first application being called within the automated test script, but then when calling the second specific application within the script, the ".NET framework internal error" message displayed again.

    Can anyone explain why/how this error can occur and/or recur?  How do I safeguard against these errors?

    Please advise as I am tasked to setup automated testing to perform nightly.  Thanks.

    John J. Bottiger (QA Engineer, Gladiator Innovations LLC)

    Monday, February 27, 2012 3:50 PM


  • The error you are seeing is most likely the result of an uncaught exception in the application in question. It appears to be a .NET error because the default exception handler in the CLR is dealing with it.

    If you have access to the source code of the faulting app, it needs to be corrected to eliminate the issue. If you don't have access to the source, you need to report the issue to the author(s).

    The above is based on your description ".NET framework internal error" occur occasionally within a specific application", indicating the failure is not consistent.

    If you wish to verify the .NET Frameworks on the system where the issue appears, use this tool: 

    RUn the tool for the applicable .NET Framework version and look at the last 15 lines of tool output, where the test app results are reported. If the test is successful, the framework is OK, if it fails, you should remove, then reinstall the framework.

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012 3:54 PM