How to change language format date in Start and Finish date parameter?


  • I have SQL Server 2008R2 SSRS on SharePoint 2010.  IE version is 8.0.

    I have confifured language in report code. <Language>fi-FI</Language>
    All dates in report column data are displayed correctly with local format of 31.12.2012 in Preview of VS and SharePoint.

    However date format is wrong with Start Date and Finish Date parameter in SharePoint site.
    Format in parameters is 12/31.2012, which is US format.  Format is correct in Preview of Visual Studio.

    Errors is displayed if end-user write 31/12/2012 or 31.12.2012 to the parameter.

    How to change date language format for parameter? Does format comes from SharePoint/Windows Server settings?


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