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  • Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to to debug the Suspend / Resume failure on my WinCE 6 R3 system based on the FriendlyArm Tiny210 Samsung S5PV210 processor?

    To trigger the suspend state I'm calling 


    With an external interrupt or a RTC Alarm as the wakeup sources.

    and I can confirm that OEMPowerOff is called and the board does indeed suspend with the current dropping to around half of what it was when running and the USB port etc shut down.

    However when the trigger happens the board presumably wakes up as the current jumps back up to what it was nothing seems to happen.  I can't determine where it is and where it gets stuck as no new text comes out the debug port and so probably the OEMPowerOff route isn't exited.

    Can someone please describe in precise detail what is happening from when the wakesource is triggered.  Does the boot loader get involved or should it be vectoring straight back to the OEMPowerOff code and continuing?

    As there's nothing coming out the debug port (even though the OEMPowerOff contains a call to OEMInitDebugSerial() and some debug text outputs) how can I work out where it's actually stalling?

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 10:02 AM

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  • I guess no one has any experience with suspend / resume with this board.

    I have an idea that could get me by for the mean time.

    When the board starts to resume I could trigger a full reset and that would at least let me suspend the board for power saving reasons and then it will just reboot when the trigger occurs as though it's powering up for the first time.  Not ideal but also it would let me move the reset command along the code to work out where it's getting stuck.

    Anyway so my new question is can someone help me with the assembly code for resetting the board?  I know the register to set but are inexperienced with how to write the assembly.  Also not sure if the MMU is active and if I need to translate the register address.  I can send through some register details shortly.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2015 10:48 AM