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    I am working on a scheduler.  I am creating a program in visual studio 2010 that will allow someone to request a shift, then someone else will approve it.  The person requesting puts in their info and then it creates a meeting request on the relevant calendar.  This works, but the other person isnt allowed to make changes bc they are not the meeting organizer.  So what I did was create a new generic user scheduler with a mailbox, etc.  I am trying to have it create the meeting request using the scheduler profile instead of the person who is making the request. 

    Currently, I can make this work if I add the profile to the persons outlook (new profile).   Then I force their current outlook closed, start a new one, login as the scheduler profile, create the meeting request, then force outlook closed again and then start it up again under the default profile.

    Is there an easier way of doing this.  Temp creating a second instance of outlook or something like that?

    Also, I need to figure out a way to automatically create the scheduler profile on someones computer when they run the program for the first time.  I saw something with prf files, but I am all confused. 

    If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  I hit a wall.  I mean i got it working, but it working and being right are two different things.  I dont want to force peoples outlook closed.


    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 9:14 PM


  • You could simply add the additional Mailbox to one of their existing profiles, assuming the "delegated" user has been given full mailbox rights to it.  You could also just use Delegate Access features to grant other users editor or greater permissions to a user's default Calendar.  Yes, prf files via the Office admin tools is one approach if you need to batch deploy these configurations, but they're not easy to figure out - but not too bad.

    BTW, to access other users delegated folders, use NameSpace.GetSharedDefaultFolder.  To access other loaded Mailbox, you'd need to find it in the Stores collection, then use Store.GetDefaultFolder (or walk the Folders collection from Store.GetRootFolder if it's not a default folder).  If you actually need to use code to read another Mailbox that's not available in the current profile, you'd need to use Redemption as you can't do impersonation with the Outlook Object Model.  Redemption's sister tool ProfMan can also allow you to work with Outlook profiles in code.

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