How to write a filter expression to restrict the exposed rdlc rows? RRS feed

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  • I want to filter the DataTable rows that will contribute to the =!fields() expressions that i have within the matrix of my LocalReport; rdlc file.  I tried my hand at some expressions but they only resolve to syntax errors.  I'm looking for samples but can't really find any (yet).  Within the filter properties of the Matrix, I've tried things such as ...

    irTesterDataSet.ProTest_HistoryRow = CurrentTS

    Whereas these names are derived from valid names within the corresponding Windows Forms application.  i.e. the DataSet, ProTest_History (production tests) is a table therein, CurrentTS is a row that i added to the table (DataRow CurrentTS = new ProTest_History.NewRow() ).   Actually, the existing ReportReviewer functionality currently works to process the data of one row that is in the table.  During the app' execution, I update this row via CurrentTS[0] = value conventions.  However, now i want to add more rows to the table while being assured that the reports will only regards targeted (filtered) rows. 

    Now, I suspect that i can't do what i once thought i could do ...

    Challenge - Here's some related ms dialog:

    You can define report parameters in a client report definition (.rdlc) file to support conditional formatting or to use in expressions or code. You cannot map report parameters to query parameters or use them in filters. In local processing mode, all data processing is handled independently of report processing.

    To set parameters, you use the Report Parameters dialog box to add parameters to the report definition.

    To provide a data value to the parameter at run time, you must write code that passes the value. In local processing mode, the ReportViewer controls do not provide a parameter area for accepting parameter values from the user. You will need to add fields to the form to get data values, and then use the SetParameters method to pass those values to the ReportViewer control. Sample code is provided that illustrates this technique. For more information, see Sample: Using an RSS Feed in ReportViewer.

    Is it me???  It seems a bit ambiguous to me (at best).  However, i haven't been able to limit ReportProcessing to only select rows (e.g. WHERE rows).  The ms dialog says filters won't do that on a per parameter basis and i haven't been able to successully code such on a field expression basis either.  I'd certainly appreciate somebody either confirming this (can't b done) or showing me a way to do such.

    Glenn of xSyLent

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008 12:14 AM