allow more UI options not just Metro including normal desktop windows format with start button if a user wants to. RRS feed

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  • Keep the promise: allow the option to change to normal desktop format, and allow changes if you need it on the go, i'am an engineer i wont be touching screens else i wont even see the screen after use. mertro style is not for every one (not for business, scientist, engineer, student, goverment, etc) , websites are deferent for a particular audiance cnn.com or bmw.com will have defferent UI, for that market or user group, personal computer devices should have a standard interface (or customised by user) like normal desktop with a start button. all computer devices (desktop, laptop, palmtop (table and phone) should have standard UI ralative to the brand, device and use not foreced into a specific style or design out millions or billions UI ideas that it could be, ALLOW USERS TO CHOOSE WHAT UI THEY WANT AND CUSTOMISE TO ANY UI POSSIBLE (COLOR COMBINATION, GRAPHIC EFFECTS ETC it could be circle, 3d objects anything,) IN ANY FORMAT ON YOUR ENGINE.
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:49 PM

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