Sharepoint Workflow: Trouble with forming multiple workflows from one item RRS feed

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    I need to transfer dates from one list to another, using conditional workflows. The item in the first list has multiple date columns (3 seperate begin/end dates). In the second list, I need each item to consist of only the begin/end date for each employee (ex.- one item should have begin/end dates for bob for the specific project, next item should have begin/end dates for james for the specific project, etc.). When creating an initial workflow, the server correctly creates a new item in list 2, for bob's begin date. When I update the item in list 1, the workflow successfully updates the item in list 2. I create a second workflow, prompting for an item to be created in list 2, only listing james' dates (it then creates the item, with the same project name). However, when I go back and edit the item, james' date is added under the item with bob's date (correct column, wrong item --automatically adds it to the first item). All of the dates are coming from the same project item in list one and I'm having trouble creating unique lookups (each item in the second list has the same name and other details). Any thoughts on how I can keep the item from list one broken down into seperate items in list two, while having a unique lookup (and having the updated dates go to the correct items in list two)??

    Monday, February 28, 2011 6:07 PM