debug message is sent to com1 rather than ethernet (VPC) RRS feed

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  • (Corecon) Download initiated...
    (Corecon) Waiting to begin download...
    (Corecon) Download complete.
    (Corecon) Download complete.
          0 PID:0 TID:2  Bootloader reported 511MB
          0 PID:0 TID:2  RAM reported to kernel 511MB
          4 PID:400002 TID:410002 IsVPC - HyperVisorSig[37435056]
          9 PID:400002 TID:5c0002 WARNING: COM1: has been reserved exclusively for Debug Messages.

    i dont know why this is happening...please guide me

    Friday, September 4, 2015 3:27 AM

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