Powerpoint 2010 chart only displays data labels for some of the data points in the series RRS feed

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  • Hi, I have an application that produces a powerpoint presentation using automation (Office 2010). I have a slide in that presentation where I lay 2 charts on top of one another. The first chart is a line chart that shows a curve that was produced through regression and plotted to the chart. The chart contains 3000 columns to show a smooth curve. The second chart that sits on top, shows the data results as points (2 measures) with a dropdown bar between them. This chart also has the same number of columns as the first chart so when the data is plotted the 2 charts match up. The issue I am having is, on the second chart I have the 2 series set to display the data labels (Values) and it only displays for some of the points. I tried to manipulate the data point manually after the chart was created to no success. The option to display the data labels is already set to true so I can't "turn on" the data label for those points. This seams like a "Bug" to me but it's not beyond me to miss something. Has anyone come up against this issue before? If so how did you get around it? Thanks for any help.
    Wednesday, April 13, 2011 11:29 PM


  • Hi DGG

    Excel provides the charting engine, unless you've specifically chosen MS Graph?

    So you might try creating these charts in Excel and see whether you get the same behavior. If yes, try asking in an Excel forum on "Answers", as that's where you should find the application specialists. Give them repro steps, or put the file that demonstrates the problem on a website so that anyone interested can download and look at it.

    If you're seeing it only in PowerPoint, then I'd ask the PowerPoint specialists, also on Answers.

    Just a thought: I'm not an expert at charts, especially not in 2010, but if I'm following your problem description correctly is it possible this is "by design"? Is there enough space for these labels to "print" without overlapping?

    Cindy Meister, VSTO/Word MVP
    Thursday, April 14, 2011 1:48 PM