Automagically Sync Mobile App Directory (iOS) To Storage Service's Container Blob Contents? RRS feed

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  • I have a set of containers setup in a Storage Service, and I have a Mobile Service in an iOS app which uses this example (http://chrisrisner.com/Mobile-Services-and-Windows-Azure-Storage) to let me list the blob contents of the containers as well as query the blob properties for file mod date, md5 hash, etc.

    I currently poll the storage service form my mobile app to detect file changes/additions/removals and I pull these changes down to my app using AFNetworking 2.0 to keep the app’s collection of files in sync with the storage service container collection.

    What I hope to do is eliminate my usage of AFNetworking and rely solely on Azure to assure that I have all of the blobs from container x downloaded to my device, and to keep the downloaded data in sync with the container contents.  I won’t be pushing blobs up to the container from the app or changing the existing blobs; but, I’ll need to keep the app up to date when blobs are added/removed/changed within a container.

    I’d hoped to find some sort of cloud service that could handle this for me, but so far my searching the Azure documentation and forums hasn’t turned up anything promising.  It seems I could potentially monitor from the server side and use push notifications to the app to alert to content changes, but I don’t know if this would give me much more than what I already have working from the app side.  Am I missing something obvious?  Maybe something esoteric?  Is there already a way provided for me to keep an app’s data in sync with a container of blob data?

    Thanks for helping an Azure newb get his head straight.
    Friday, May 23, 2014 3:46 PM