Name property for a attribute in SSAS 2005 RRS feed

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    Let me first explain the scenario , I have a date table  and with in date table i have created additional coloum in my DSV which would show values such as current year , previous year , current quarter  , previous quarter, current month , previous, today and yesterday.


    The calculation is very simple, if the year is current year then it would read current year if previous year it would read previous year else it would read the year number


    for this year it would read               Current Year

    For the previous year it would read  Previous year

    for years below that it would read            2006, 2005 and so on


    Which would role up being which part of the date it is in , this works the same for quarter , month , week and date.


    What i have done is i have used the yea as key coloumn and The DSV calcualted coloumn has  a name property so it would role up to which ever date it is in.


    But i have some static report which used the week coloumn , it works fine but for some reason when ever the week rolls over and the values are refreshed, the previous week shows fine except that the value which is for the previous week does not get refreshed meaning it shows two previous week which is not the case in the underlying data.


    When i remove the date field and then bring's it back the value shows correctly.


    but the values which are in the report does not get rolled over or does not get refreshed automatically.


    I am failing to understand why ? This happens in excel 2003  i am not sure how would that react in other reporting tool.


    Please any one who could advise this


    Thank you



    Sunday, November 23, 2008 2:47 AM