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  • Hi,

    My company have subscribed Notification Hub Basic Tier and we're having some doubts about the App and Environment distribution in the Tier.

    The Basic Tier offers, 10 Namespaces and 10 Hubs per Namespace.


    1. We have 2 Mobile Apps - is it possible to this Tier provide service to 2 Mobile Apps (App XYZ and App XPTO - With Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile distributions)?

    2. We have 2 Environments - Is it possible to this Tier provide service to 2 Environments (Quality and Production)?

    3. Is there any design concerns for 2 Mobile Apps and 2 Enviroments?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Rodrigo Guerreiro

    Thursday, July 14, 2016 1:14 PM

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  • Hi, Rodrigo. Thanks for reaching out.

    Note that Notification Hubs' Basic Tier is applied at the Namespace level. Your subscription itself is not tied to any Notification Hubs tiers. When you create a namespace with Notification Hubs, you assign it a tier and it can have up to 10 hubs (aside from Standard Tier where we allow much more, see  for more details).

    Usually, each namespace maps to one app and each hub maps to one environment. Suppose you have app A and app B, each with a test and prod environment. You would have a namespace AppANamespace with two hubs, testA and prodA, in it. Similarly, another namespace AppBNamespace would have mirror configuration. If you want to keep both app A and B in the same namespace, you could also have a namespace with four hubs which maps accordingly. Let me know if that is confusing.

    And in terms of design concerns, as long as you are mapping app/environment to separate hubs to avoid mixing of environments and security (one app has access to another), you are good to go.


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