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  • I have encountered some unexpected behaviour in my application, which I cannot understand, and if possible I am seeking someone to explain it.  There is nothing more frustrating, than not being able to understand an issue.

    In my application I have a table called "Revisions" (which holds revisions to user requirements - changes to change requests so to speak), and a table called "Issues" which is exactly what it says, a table which holds issues.

    They are related by a 1 to many relationship, that an Revision can have many Issues but an issue must have a Revision.

    The Revision table is revisions to "Business Requirements table", and I had a summary-information field which populated with the ("Business Requirement No" and "Title" and the "Revision Number"  and "Revision Title") to show the user a more meaningful information in drop-down selection list/modal window.  Otherwise all they would have seen was "Rev001 Initial Revision" for example and had no idea what Business Requirement the revision addressed.

    In the create a new "Issue" I had a modal window picker for the user to choose a "Revision" to which the issue applied.

    In the "Issue_Updated" and "Revision Updated" I create an email to the interested users  which sends them details of the Issue or Revision which has been updated.

    What was happening was that when I created a new issue or saved an issue (after using the modal window) to choose a revision.  I received not only an email for the "Issue Updated", but I also received many other emails for "Revision Updated" for completely unrelated revisions.  Only one can be linked to an issue.  Yet I had sometimes 20 emails.

    It seems to be related to the DropDown or Modal window, where I am using the summary-information to display the details of the revision to the user.

    The only way I have stopped the "Revision Update" messages when I create a new "Issue" is to remove the summary-information field and replace it with a auto-complete box, which shows multiple fields in column layout.

    Apart from pushing my application as far as I can, have I done something wrong which is causing this behaviour?

    As always your comments would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.....

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 1:24 PM