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  • Hi all,

    do you know if in EF 4 we can have a navigation property in a conditional field.

    My database is simple i have two tables "ListAll" and "TypeList"

    Structure of ListaLL
    Id int
    TypeListId int (Foreign key of TypeList)
    Value nvarchar(max)

    Structure of TypeList
    TypeListId int
    Name navarchar(max)

    in my edmx i have a base class Listall and a derived class for each TypeList with for each derived class a condition TypeListId specific.

    Now if i want to add in my edmx, the TypeList table (for display in the user interface) i can't add it, because the ListAll doesn't expose anymore the TypeListId ! and none of the derived class expose it.

    So how can i do that ?



    Sunday, January 16, 2011 12:06 PM


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