Office 365 Managed Activity API Authorization error RRS feed

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  • That means your token is not valid when you request the resource . How do you get the token ? You could validate your  Access Token as shown here   and confirm what is the "aud" url of the token , it should be "".

    Sample token:

      "aud": "",
      "iss": "",
      "iat": 1427246416,
      "nbf": 1427246416,
      "exp": 1427250316,
      "ver": "1.0",
      "tid": "41463f53-8812-40f4-890f-865bf6e35190",
      "amr": [
      "oid": "1cef1fdb-ff52-48c4-8e4e-dfb5ea83d357",
      "upn": "",
      "puid": "1003BFFD8EC47CA6",
      "sub": "7XpD5OWAXM1OWmKiVKh1FOkKXV4N3OSRol6mz1pxxhU",
      "given_name": "John",
      "family_name": "Doe",
      "name": "Contoso, Inc.",
      "unique_name": "",
      "appid": "a6099727-6b7b-482c-b509-1df309acc563",
      "appidacr": "1",
      "scp": "ActivityFeed.Read ServiceHealth.Read",
      "acr": "1"

    Please refer to below article for how to  request the OAuth2 access tokens it needs to call the Office 365 Management Activity API : 

    Best Regards,

    Nan Yu

    Monday, July 18, 2016 8:11 AM