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  •     We consumed the JSON response from an external API and persisted  the response in Azure Data Lake AS-IS and the response is similar to the one below(with 1000's of records with many key-value pairs)
            "1": {
                "_id": "1",
                "id": "1",
                "Name": "Paragraph",
                "canBeRetrieved": false
            "2": {
                    "_id": "2",
                    "id": "2",
                    "Name": "Paragraph",
                    "canBeRetrieved": true
            We try to get the data stored in  Azure data lake and sink it in azure managed instance (the table has identical structure to the values in json).We followed the below steps and were unsuccessful
      (i)  Created a dataflow ,source information with drifted schema (late binding to accommodate any extra values in the future)
      (ii) we are unable to get the dynamic keys ,which in turn gets the whole object as json (it can be mapped as-is with name as key and value as $$ to the table)
    Is there any other approach in expression language to get the dynamics keys (1,2,387 and so on ) or any other approach in Azure to parse the nested json with dynamic keys?
    Friday, July 24, 2020 9:26 AM