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  • Installing the Windows 8 developer preview and then launching it for the first time was reminiscent of the old days where your computer came pre-loaded with some form of development software. In the old 8-bit days (Commodore 64, Spectrum 48K etc), you had little choice other than to stare at a BASIC development environment when you switched your machine on.

    In the progression from 16/32bit computing, when the concept of an installed OS became familiar, you still were given some dev tools as standard. They weren't great, but you could write actual software.

    I know we have some scripting languages with Windows already, but I would dearly love to see at least one Windows SKU to include Visual Studio Express as part of the standard install. Yes, VSE is very easy to download. However, it is weighty decision for someone to make, to go through that download and installation process. They have to overcome the "do I really want to do this?" factor.

    Give us VSE as part of the standard Windows 8 install process and it then becomes very easy for someone to think "I'll just quickly have a look at this, as it's already here". Give them easy links to resources such as this forum or to nice, friendly video tutorials.

    Programming skills are being lost and new programmers seem to lack the quickness of wit that comes from being a bedroom coder from the age of 8. They are regimented by what they have learned (learned, but not really grokked!) in classes and cannot think outside of the box.


    What if... what if we had something a little more punchier than VSE, a VSE+ maybe? Restrict this "slightly better than Express" version of VS to those lovely Pro/Enterprise style SKU's. Imagine if even small biz had access to a proper development tool. Sure, it may go to waste in a lot of places, but then someone like me comes along... someone who does a 'regular' job but can utilise dev tools to automate certain business processes or to create some really excellent tools to manipulate data being fired out of our less than flexible line-of-business software.

    These are scenarios when a separate copy of VS would never be purchased. Just you try telling your company director/CEO that they need to spend $$$ on a piece of software that may make a couple of things more efficient but will only be used by the office geek in between his regular tasks... that just ends up with the office geek being questioned about his "messing about" with things and not getting on with more tasks!

    I feel it may never happen - but I do really hope that Microsoft can being including VSE as standard. It really was very nice to see it there on my dev preview :)

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011 8:38 PM

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  • lol, I remember the Acorn Atom (precursor to the BBC Micro) and that came with a book called 'Atomic Theory and Practice' a brilliant introduction to programming, initially in basic then assembler in the more advanced chapters. I've still got my rather dog-eared copy! I never bought a single game for that computer, everything I played was hand typed from acorn related magazines and then, as my experience (and confidence) grew I started looking at programmes (as printed source code) for other machines and trying to convert them to run on my Atom. That was me hooked on 'Computing' and from there did C, C++, Cobol, Modula-2, Java, C# and lord knows how many scripting languages in between.

    So I'm right behind you on putting some form of programming tool on the install disks, yes some games have jaw dropping 3D photo realistic images but that's nothing compared to feeling you get when you can move a block around the screen by pressing the A,S,W & X keys with a program you wrote yourself. Almost 30 years later I still get a kick when I meet a user who's enthusing over something I wrote.

    http://fjkraan.home.xs4all.nl/comp/atom/atap/    The internet is amazing, I found this online copy of the book (much easier than going up into my attic)

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