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    How should a workflow instance relate to it's currently being processed data and other entities like the user whom is in charge of the current step (or state) of this workflow instance?

    Expanded: Assume there is this document management system and we are it's developers. We need to be able to answer such questions:

    • Who is in charge of processing a specific document (currently)?
    • In what stage is this document?
    • What actions (steps) are still there to take place?

    And some statistical questions (maybe):

    • Which documents are at a specific stage?
    • Which users have done some kind of processes on a specific document?

    It seems one should persist only the key (id) of the data within a workflow (via variables) rather than the whole entity (in this case, a document). Because (it seems) it's not easy to query against persisted data.

    So should I handle this on my own (like say by persisting the user id and document id and the workflow identity (id) - and probably some other bits like the current state - in a separate table)?

    Or Workflow Foundation has already some mechanism (service) for handling (at least parts of) that, that I am not aware of (by implementing some tools to be used in that service, in an activity)?

    Friday, January 31, 2014 4:47 PM

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