highlight dates when i dont have any targets that i hit. RRS feed

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  • I have spreadsheet with

    Col B= Date of trade

    Col M = time when my daily target got hit.

    I want to highlight the range of dates when I hit a target and dates that I did not hit a target. in the screenshot below, the blue box shows the range of cells in col B where I have the date 11/27/2015 that I have hit the target in row 42 and col M. so I want to highlight all the dates 11/27/2015

    if you look at yellow box with date 11/29/2015 in col B, I don't have any values in col M. so I want to leave it as is. how can I do it in excel?

    link to the excel file file upload storage
    Saturday, November 26, 2016 12:08 PM

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  • Hi,

    I've made a sample VBA.
    Copy and paste in code of "Sheet3".
    (when open the Book, select a sheet other than "Sheet3", and then select "Sheet3".)
    Private tradeDate As String
    Private lastRow As Long
    Private myRow As Long
    ' --- get last row when this sheet activate
    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
        lastRow = Range("A1048576").End(xlUp).Row
    End Sub
    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
        If Intersect(Target, Range("M2:M1048576")) Is Nothing Then
            Exit Sub
            ' --- active cell has been changed in column M
            If (ActiveCell.Value = "") Then
                Exit Sub
                tradeDate _
                    = Year(ActiveCell.Value) & "/" _
                        & Month(ActiveCell.Value) & "/" _
                        & Day(ActiveCell.Value)
                Call prc_HighLight_Date
            End If
        End If
    End Sub
    ' --- HighLighting: selected Cell (column M) and tradeDate (column B)
    Private Sub prc_HighLight_Date()
        Application.ScreenUpdating = False
        Range("B2:B1048576").Interior.ColorIndex = 2
        Range("M2:M1048576").Interior.ColorIndex = 2
        ' ---
        ActiveCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 6     ' -- 6: Yellow
        ' ---
        For myRow = 2 To lastRow
            If (Cells(myRow, 2).Value = tradeDate) Then
                Cells(myRow, 2).Interior.ColorIndex = 6     ' -- 6: Yellow
            End If
    End Sub
    Sunday, November 27, 2016 3:04 AM
  • Hi,

    Change line If (Cells(myRow, 2).Value = tradeDate) Then  into 

    If (Cells(myRow, 2).Value = CDate(tradeDate)) Then

    Because Cells(myRow, 2).Value is date type and tradeDate is string.



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